Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things I learned over Labor Day weekend

  1. Doggie day care is a blast!
  2. Fran makes the best hamburgers in town.
  3. Rawhide bones always taste better if they belong to someone else.
  4. Miss Ann doesn't know how to crochet, but she does like to play a game with giant staples in the lawn.
  5. Sonny dog is a dip licker. He tasted guacamole, asiago pesto dip and salsa this weekend.
  6. When our neighbor Rona makes Fran a gin & tonic, doggie biscuits are probably not far behind!
  7. Humans don't work on Labor Day.
Thanks to Jigga and Venus for coming over to play!

Wiggles and leans,

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's almost Labor Day!

Wow! Do I have a lot to tell you, internets. Since my first post, I have had so many adventures. I'm getting to know everyone in my neighborhood, and have left all kinds of hair around my main home at Fran's house. She even lets me sleep on the bed! Anyway, we went someplace far away in West Virginia called "the cabin" and that meant a 15 hour ride in the car. Did I mention I don't much like car rides? I get nervous and drool all over the place and it's embarrassing. Anyway, Fran gave me some candy called Dramamine on our next car trip, which made it go by much faster.

This is me rolling around in the grass at the cabin. I didn't see any squirrels but did get to play chase with all of the people. I also showed everyone how high I can jump. I think they were pretty impressed. Miss Ann points her phone at me and says she wants to get a good digital camera with shut her speed or something to take pictures of my jumps. I don't know what she's talking about, but when I wag my tail at her ideas, it seems to make her happy.

In between our trips to and from West Virginia, Fran had to go camp. She called it Outward Bound, but I think it should be called "Journey to Bruiseville." She says she's glad she went. I'm glad Miss Ann let me spend the night while Fran was away. We went for long walks, watched Ace of Cakes and took naps on the sofa.

This is what I look like sleeping.

It's almost Labor Day weekend and you know what that means. School! We went to school last night and I got lots of treats. I'm looking forward to playing with other dogs more. That's not to say I won't still watch The Closer with Miss Ann. I like lounging and detective TV just as much as the next dog. Besides, Brenda Lee Johnson likes snacks almost as much as I do.

This weekend, we are going to have a BBQ and Bean & Doodle get to come over and play. I can't wait! Hopefully we'll take some pictures too. Fran said something about crochet, but I don't know how yarn and hamburgers go together. I guess I'll find out.

Wiggles and leans,

Friday, August 10, 2007

My first post

Hello internet! My name is Patches and I'm so happy to have found a permanent home so that I can finally blog. I may look small, but I spend a good amount of my day thinking big thoughts. I mostly make big plans about what I’ll do with all the squirrels I'm hoping to catch. Anyway, I got ahead of myself.

On July 28, 2007, I met Fran and now I have a new home at her house. She has three other animal friends already – two rabbits and a guinea pig. I have never seen such a small pig. It’s kinda confusing. Also, I somehow spend a lot of time with this other gal named Ann. I'm not sure what that's about yet. It's all so new. I love my new neighborhood and my new friends Gracie, Scout, Mocha, Sonny and Emma Jean. They all sniffed my butt right away and decided I would fit in just fine! Anyway, I like greenies, taking naps, leaning against stuff, wagging my tail in circles and pointing at squirrels. Fran and the other gal like me a lot too! I hope that means lots of biscuits. Paws crossed!

I better get back to napping. Fran will be home soon and I don't think she knows I can type yet. I hope you enjoy my little blog and stop by to chat.