Friday, August 10, 2007

My first post

Hello internet! My name is Patches and I'm so happy to have found a permanent home so that I can finally blog. I may look small, but I spend a good amount of my day thinking big thoughts. I mostly make big plans about what I’ll do with all the squirrels I'm hoping to catch. Anyway, I got ahead of myself.

On July 28, 2007, I met Fran and now I have a new home at her house. She has three other animal friends already – two rabbits and a guinea pig. I have never seen such a small pig. It’s kinda confusing. Also, I somehow spend a lot of time with this other gal named Ann. I'm not sure what that's about yet. It's all so new. I love my new neighborhood and my new friends Gracie, Scout, Mocha, Sonny and Emma Jean. They all sniffed my butt right away and decided I would fit in just fine! Anyway, I like greenies, taking naps, leaning against stuff, wagging my tail in circles and pointing at squirrels. Fran and the other gal like me a lot too! I hope that means lots of biscuits. Paws crossed!

I better get back to napping. Fran will be home soon and I don't think she knows I can type yet. I hope you enjoy my little blog and stop by to chat.

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Jigga and Venus said...

Hi Patches!! We love greenies, too. We hope we can get together and play and eat treats.