Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things I learned over Labor Day weekend

  1. Doggie day care is a blast!
  2. Fran makes the best hamburgers in town.
  3. Rawhide bones always taste better if they belong to someone else.
  4. Miss Ann doesn't know how to crochet, but she does like to play a game with giant staples in the lawn.
  5. Sonny dog is a dip licker. He tasted guacamole, asiago pesto dip and salsa this weekend.
  6. When our neighbor Rona makes Fran a gin & tonic, doggie biscuits are probably not far behind!
  7. Humans don't work on Labor Day.
Thanks to Jigga and Venus for coming over to play!

Wiggles and leans,


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